10 Tapes Tested: Pro Clima TESCON Vana Tested Best

Peter & Dave credit: BuildingGreen.com
Peter & Dave         photo credit: BuildingGreen.com

Wingnut Test Facility (WTF) auteurs Peter Yost and Dave Gauthier have provided an update to their ongoing tape adhesion testing on BuildingGreen.com, here.   We are gratified to report that head-to-head with tapes from Vycor, Pella, Siga, Tyvek, 3M and others, the Pro Clima TESCON Vana tape performed best.

Starting last December Peter and Dave began a more rigorous testing approach that roughly follows the ASTM D3654 - Method A testing standard.   This standard puts a constant shear force on the adhesive bond - more realistically and meaningfully approximating "real world" stresses.

Shear stress is more indicative of job site conditions.
Shear stress is more indicative of job site conditions.

False Signals:   Too often testing methods are used that produce false signals, such as A) feel of initial tack or B) 180 degree peel.   These "tests" do tell you something about the tape adhesives, but it can be largely misleading and unhelpful information.   The ASTM D3654 - Method A on the other hand  is a useful test.

While following the spirit of the ASTM adhesion test, rather than conducting the test  between metal plates in laboratory conditions, Peter and Dave adhered the tape to common building materials and applied a uniform weight.  There were two sets of test conditions, one warm-dry and the other cold-wet.  You can download the full excel spreadsheet report from the BuildingGreen article, here.

But what about creep?

red arrows show extent of creep: aka, out-of-control-connection
red arrows show extent of creep: aka, out-of-control-connection

One adhesion quality, reported in an abbreviated fashion, was the extent of "creep".   Creep is where the tape adhesion has not let go completely but the stress has caused the tape to slide, sometimes significantly, from its original position.   At 475 we call such significant creep, an out-of-control connection that doesn't provide effective quality control.   We recommend doing everything possible to minimize and/or eliminate "creep" - by moderating stresses when possible and using tape adhesives like Pro Clima's SOLID acrylic adhesive, that strongly resists creep.

Based on this round of testing the WTF started another round of "ASTM D3654 - Method A-like" testing in February.   Because of the exceptional results of the Pro Clima TESCON Vana tape results previously obtained, TESCON Vana has not been included in the latest round - and the previous results will be carried forward.

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