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New Frameworks Natural Design Build in Middlesex, VT

In this ongoing series, 475 visits some of the many projects that are making a difference and building high performance. Today, it's New Frameworks Natural Design Build. Based in central Vermont, New Frameworks is a leader in simple and elegant ecological design and construction. New Frameworks' Co-Owner, Jacob Deva Racusin, takes us on an in-depth tour of a new construction project in progress. Jacob shares his experience in designing for simplicity, high performance, low energy demand, outstanding comfort, and impeccable aesthetics.

This is an off-grid, highly insulated, tightly sealed project. Walls are double-stud with wood fiber board sheathing sealed by TESCON INVIS, filled with dense pack cellulose, INTELLO Plus interior air barrier sealed with TESCON VANA and an insulated service cavity. The roof underlayment is SOLITEX Mento Plus, and efficient heat recovery is provided by 2 pair of LUNOS e2 HRV units. New Frameworks' considerable design expertise shows through in project staging, and the team's attention to detail has created an exemplary INTELLO Plus application with a mighty fine wood finish. We can't wait to see the finished product.

Find out more about New Frameworks on their website: http://newframeworks.com/

Romex penetration sealed with TESCON No. 1 within the service cavity before insulation is installed Interior shot, showing taped exterior sheathing, diagonal bracing, while INTELLO goes up.
Penetration Airseal INTELLO install

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