475 Video: Sauna Uses SOLITEX FRONTA QUATTRO and DA


As summer winds down, it's time to look forward to the things that will get us through the winter ahead. When we heard Passive House Designer Sam Bargetz of LoadingDock5 was building a sauna in upstate New York, we decided to lend a hand. In this video Floris leads us through tape and membrane choices on this unique project. SOLITEX FRONTA QUATTRO taped with TESCON INVIS on the exterior provides the outward drying potential needed while allowing for the UV protection and aesthetics necessary for a cedar open-joint rainscreen. DA is used on the inside, working to retard vapor in hot humid environments - in this case, the inside of a sauna.

This video was made in 2014. As of summer of 2022, we have two options for high humidity spaces: Pro Clima's CONSTIVAP PLUS for pools, restaurants, breweries etc. below 176F, and Pro Clima's DA to deal high heat (up to 212F) and humidity.

UPDATE: January 2021

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