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Visit a Passive House during International Passive House Days

iPHAdaysYou've heard of Passive House. You've noticed a Passive House job site near you. Or you've read about the growing number of Passive House buildings in magazines, newspapers and blog posts.

Now you can experience for yourself, what all the buzz is about.

This Nov 10th - 12th, is the annual International Passive House Days event, where owners of Passive House buildings, around the world, open their doors to the public to share the experience. Hear about the process of design and construction, see the components, feel the thermal and acoustic comfort - and realize why this way of building is becoming the "new normal" in quality construction.

Meet other professionals and enthusiasts, ask questions and discuss what interests you.

The worldwide directory listing buildings, locations, dates and times, is compiled by the International Passive House Association (iPHA) and you can find it HERE.

Local Passive House groups, like New York Passive House (NYPH), Vermont Passive House and Maison Passive Quebec, have local listings, many of which have not made it onto the international directory. So be sure to search for local listings.

The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) has a list of network regional groups and links to many of their events - HERE.

Want to see our products at work? Visit these houses to learn more about 475's products and how they make these assemblies airtight:

Lou Levy Construction 26 Fairview Ave, Tarrytown (New York)

Joslin Hill Passive House (Vermont)

Whitchurch Passive House (Vermont)

MARTaK Passive House (Colorado)

Rochester Passive House (New York)

ipha-pacificAnd if you have designed, built, or own a Passive House building (or are in process of building one) be sure to get it registered, locally and on the international database - share your experiences and let people learn about what you know. NOTE: These buildings don't need to be certified - but they need to have used the PHPP, used proper components and have strived to hit Passive House performance metrics. No one is shamed for falling short, so register your building anyway because it's still a great building, and make sure your story is heard.

This is a unique annual event and we hope you can participate. If you get your building listed, let us know and we'll send you a limited edition 475 baseball cap to show our appreciation.

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