INTELLO Plus compliant with National Building Code of Canada 2015 + ON & BC Building code 2012

INTELLO Plus has been tested for compliance with CAN/CGSB 51.33-M89 as described in the National Building Code of Canada 2015 per section " Vapour Barrier materials".

To show compliance to this standard, the following requirements were confirmed by a laboratory certified by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) / Le Conseil canadien des normes (CCN):

  • Unrolling - Pass, no damage
  • Sheet width - passed
  • Roll Length - passed
  • Pliability at 10C, MD - no cracks
  • Tensile strength - 6.7N/mm in MD (required ≥ 3.5)
  • Water vapour permeance, ASTM E96 A (dessicant) - 6.2 ng/Pa*sec*m2 (new) (required ≤45)
  • Water vapour permeance, ASTM E96 A (dessicant) - 6.7 ng/Pa*sec*m2 (aged per CAN/CGSB 51.33-M89, required ≤60)

This means that INTELLO Plus, with it's high level of airtightness of 0.00005cfm/sf - 0.00025L/(s•m2) as per ASTM  2178 is compliant with NBC-2015 and can be used for construction of air and vapour barriers in Canada in provinces and territories that have adopted this code (including BC and ON, see below). If you're interested in INTELLO Plus for for new construction or renovation projects and want to know more, read about it in our INTELLO Primer.


The building codes of British Columbia (BC Building code 2012) and Ontario (ON Building code 2012) in part 9 (small buildings and housing) require:

  • Water vapour permeance below 60 ng/(Pa•s•m2) per ASTM E96 (section  vapour barrier materials) - INTELLO complies at 10ng (new) and 12ng (aged)
  • Where the intended use of the interior space will result in high moisture generation, the assembly shall be designed according to Part 5*
  • Membrane should be installed on the warm in winter side (section Installation of Vapour Barriers)

*Part 5 (both in ON and BC building codes) require  in short:

  • Airbarrier that minimize the accumulation of condensation (...) in the building component or assembly ( Required Resistance to Air Leakage)
  • An airbarrier system shall be installed to provide the principal resistance to air leakage, have an air leakage characteristic not geater than 0.02L/(s•m2  and conform to ULC S741 "air barrier materials - Specifications" - ( Air Barrier System Properties)
  • Vapour barriers shall have sufficiently low permeance and shall be positioned in the bulding compenent or assembly to minimize moisture transfer by diffusion (..) at rate that will not allow sufficient accumulation of moisture to cause deterioration or (....) adversely affect (...) the health of or safety of building users.
  • ON: Materials and components and their installation shall conform to applicable standards, to fulfill the requirements of this part (ie Part 5) - (Section refers to CAN/CGSB 51.33-M89)
  • BC: Materials and components, and their installation, shall conform to the requirements of the applicable standards in this section. For materials or components which are incorporated into environmental separators or assemblies exposed to the exterior. Additionally if they are installed to fulfill the requirements of this Part (5). (Section refers to CAN/CGSB 51.33-M89)

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