Low-Energy Commercial Retrofit for High-Energy Kids

Bright Common Architecture and Design

Jeremy Avellino of Bright Common Architecture & Design gave us a tour of a beautifully designed play-based arts and enrichment center. Play Arts in Philly, which opened in September, features energy saving techniques inspired by Passive House in order to save on operational costs and provide high indoor air quality. With an activist approach, one of Bright Common’s goals is to design & build “Frack-Free” – using high performance techniques in order to eliminate the need for natural gas.

Originally a public bath house and pool, this was an ambitious retrofit. In order to achieve the low-energy target, close attention was paid to airtightness, vapor control, and high levels of insulation. Jeremy was able to avoid the use of foam in the walls by using Intello Plus over 5 ½” of dense pack cellulose.

When in Philly, drop-in with your little one to experience this gorgeous low-energy retrofit. While children explore, Adults in the loft café can relax in comfort thanks to Jeremy’s thoughtful design.

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