Project Spotlight: Yellow Springs, Ohio

Andrew Kline of Green Generation Building is putting the final touches on his new high performance home in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  The house is approximately 1,700 sf with three bedrooms and  1.5 baths.  Andrew used the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) to optimize the building performance to Passive House standards but is not seeking certification.

The wall assemblies include 2x6 inner structural stud walls with GWB interior finish and 1/2" OSB sheathing outboard.  Outboard of the OSB are 9.5" I-Joists with SOLITEX Mento Plus membrane stapled to the I-Joists forming the home's vapor open parka - then battens, counter battens and back-vented horizontal siding.

During the course of planning the project we exchanged sketches with Andrew marking them up.   Here we see SOLITEX wrapping into the window openings and taped to window frames with TESCON Profil. A flashing drip edge will be applied to the SOLITEX above with TESCON Vana tape.

Rough working sketch

Here we see the OSB taped for interior air barrier and vapor control with window boxes extending out to I-Joists and prepped with vapor open flashing.

Taped OSB as interior air barrier and vapor control

With the SOLITEX membrane and battens in place, the dense-pack fiberglass is filled from the attic.   Note that because the insulation is surrounded with airtightness for optimal performance to ensure full dense-packing, the SOLITEX has air-outlet slits cut lower in the bays.  After the dense-packing is done the slits are taped.

Dense packing I-Joist bays from attic above.

The roof is framed with raised heel trusses - where the floor of the attic is OSB taped with TESCON Vana to form the top air barrier as shown below.  In the photo below you can also see a triple top plate, installed to allow for a furred down service cavity at GWB ceiling while maintaining regular building material sizes at walls.

Taped OSB above with 2x6 structural walls and triple top plate for clg service cavity

Whole house ventilation is provided by three pairs of Lunos e2 decentralized through-wall high efficiency heat recovery units. Below you can see three Lunos e2 tubes penetrating the SOLITEX, as well as the taped air outlet slits for dense-pack installation.

Taped air-outlet slits and Lunos ventilation tubes

Siding and trim get finished up.

Finishing trim

We look forward to showing interior shots of this great project going forward.

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