The Pro Clima Warranty: Comprehensive, Transparent, Fair


The 475 team recently had the opportunity to travel to Germany and spend a few days at Pro Clima headquarters in Schwetzingen and meet not only the entire Pro Clima crew, but also with fellow distributors from New Zealand and Ireland. Of course we focused on building science, testing, development, and new innovations for the upcoming year, but we also talked about philosophy. It was reassuring to discover that, the world over, Pro Clima teams agree: make great products, and let those products speak for themselves. Rather than spend time, energy, and money on hard sales tactics, hone in on creating the best possible quality and performance.

A Fair and Honest Warranty

Following this philosophy, Pro Clima introduced a new warranty. The 6 year warranty for individual Pro Clima products remains in effect, but is now extended to 10 years when those products are used as a system. In other words, when the airtightness & water resistant barriers systems are comprised of Pro Clima products - if applicable products are available. Pro Clima aims to be comprehensive, transparent, and fair in everything they do, with the promise to assume responsibility and clearly set themselves apart from the other building material manufacturers - with service, trust and backing this up with warranties.

You may think to yourself: “10 years isn’t that long. I’ve heard of manufacturers guaranteeing products for 40 or 50 years!” That may in fact be the warranty headline, but we question the accuracy of that guarantee. We challenge you to read the fine print on decades-long warranties. You may find, just as we have, that those guarantees wither away under the weight of a myriad of stipulations and legalese. Or simple provide you with replacement material - nothing more, nothing less. In contrast - ProClima offers a full replacement warranty including labor for the replacement work.

What You Get When You Use INTELLO Plus + TESCON VANA


  • Optimal protection against mold - Pro Clima’s humidity-variable INTELLO is the first range of products to really offer full protection to building components. It seals to protect against humidity and is extremely open to diffusion to allow for optimal drying to the inside. The vapor curve matters, and with Intello, the permeance changes by a factor of 100 - the highest performance of any vapor retarder and it opens at the right time.
  • Official certification of long-term performance - INTELLO has been tested and certified by the German Institute for Civil Engineering (DIBt) and is thus monitored by a third-party body. Intello is the only humidity-variable airtight membrane that has been approved by DIBt.
  • Adhesion for 100 years - With the Tescon Vana solid acrylic adhesive tape you ensure the long-term durability of your buildings. Third-party verified by University of Kassel, Vana passed advanced age testing to demonstrate and adhesive bond capable of lasting 100 years - one century. That’s why we say ‘permanently airtight’.
  • Top scores for indoor air quality - Ecology and healthy living environments have been important issues for Pro Clima from the time the company was founded. From European indoor air quality standards, to the stringent Sentinel Haus Institut standards, Pro Clima products perform top of class.

What this means for you

With Pro Clima and 475, you can benefit from our experience, reliability and expert, dependable support. The world of architecture and construction is at times chaotic and messy - we know this from experience. What we can offer that other systems can’t: if something goes wrong, we make it right.

Full warranty text can be found here.

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