Current Openings

We’re Growing… Send Us Your Resume

475 is growing, and we’re looking for new team members who will fit positions we have not yet defined. We find there is a simple formula for what we’re looking for: commitment to our mission + passion for a few key skills that we use every day.

475’s mission is to supply materials and knowledge that lead a transformation of the North American construction industry toward making durable high-performance, Passive House, and zero-energy buildings the norm.

The skills we use every day include: learning and applying building science to customer projects, accounting and finance, inventory and logistics, construction project management, window and skylight sales, video production, writing articles, graphic and web design, CAD and Sketchup modeling, data visualization, understanding and communicating how energy works in buildings, tracking vapour and moisture flow in building envelopes, advising builders on strategies for airtight construction, photography, construction market research…

Write a cover letter and resume that demonstrates a commitment to our mission and a proficiency of a few of these key skills and send it to We’d love to meet you.

At 475 we're always looking for like-minded individuals who believe that there is a strong future for high performance building practices in North America. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by sending a resume and cover letter if you're interested in working with us.