Fakro DXW Walkable Skylight

from $4,914.77 /unit
16-18 week lead time

Product Specifications


Flat roof window featuring enhanced load capacity and a non-slip coating. This provides the benefits of natural light while maintaining a completely flat, walkable surface when installed on terraces or green roofs.

Dimensions - Rough Openings(W x H):

  • 30/30: 79.24cm x 79.24cm
  • 30/36: 79.24cm x 62.86cm
  • 36/36: 62.86cm x 62.86cm
  • 36/48: 62.86cm x 118.42cm
  • 48/48: 118.42cm x 118.42cm


  • Includes special non-slip coating to ensure complete safety
  • Quick and easy installation with profiles that clamp the covering material and facilitate the finish of the skylight connection with the roofing material
  • Energy efficient DW6 triple pane glazing (laminated/tempered/ laminated)
  • Frame constructed of multi-chamber PVC profiles filled with insulation


  • Entire window U-Value of 0.70 W/m2.K (EN-14351-1)
  • Enhanced load capacity of 1,100 lbs/sqft
  • Acoustic insulation Rw: 36dB
  • Glazing unit: 4H-12-4HT-12-4HT-12-4HT
  • Inert gas-filled panes: argon