GUTEX Multitherm

from $1,782.17 /pallet
from $1,782.17 /pallet
Approximately 12 week lead time - please quote project for estimated delivery time

Product Specifications


Moisture resistant wood fiberboard insulation and weather resistive barrier in one, for exterior walls under rain screens. Can also be used as pitched roof insulation when protected with a Pro Clima membrane.


Multitherm 40 40 mm 5.8
Multitherm 60 60 mm 8.7
Multitherm 80 80 mm 11.6
Multitherm 100 100 mm 14.6
Multitherm 120 120 mm 17.5
Multitherm 140 140 mm 20.4
Multitherm 160 160 mm 23.3
Multitherm 180 180 mm 26.2
Multitherm 200 200 mm 29.1


  • Raw material for all GUTEX insulation boards comes solely from wood that is harvested and grown using sustained forestry management practices
  • Hydrophobic treatment (1.0% paraffin) allows board to act as a  temporary roof and weather and wind protection
  • Tongue and groove edges mean that boards’ edges do not have to line up with rafters in the roof
  • Boards are made using the dry process meaning that the boards contain 94.5% wood, and maximizes the use of this sustainable, recyclable natural resource
  • Can be used in place of ULTRATHERM when protected by a Pro Clima roof underlayment such as SOLITEX MENTO 3000 Connect
  • Can be installed directly over studs and rafters without sheathing when shear / structural is achieved by other means


  • R-value/in: 3.7
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.039 W/mK
  • Perm rating: 44/inch (Sd 0.18m for 60 mm board)
  • Composition: 1% paraffin/ 4% polyurethane/ 95% wood