I-Joist Assemblies (DWG)

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Climate Zones 4-8 (DWG Files)

CAD drawings can be cut, pasted, edited, and customized to form the basis of a complete approach to airsealing and vapor control required by your next high performance construction project.

Download DraftSight from Dassault Systèmes for free CAD software.

Disclaimer: The following drawings are diagramatic and are not intended for direct use. A professional architect, engineer, or builder must evaluate and customize per specific project requirements.

When you get the best ingredients for a meal there is no guarantee it will be delicious unless you have a clear recipe. It is also true for making a high-performance assembly. It is much more than purchasing high-performance materials. Achieving high performance first and foremost means developing detailed assemblies that are buildable, robust, and optimized for the task at hand. These electronic details are meant to provide a starting point in making such assemblies in your next high-performance project. Download them, edit them, make them your own.

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