June 19 - The Science of Pro Clima, Toronto

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The Science of Pro Clima:
Energy, Safety, and the Importance of Vapour Drive in Airtight Construction

Presentation:Airtightness is the key to efficient building. Since 1978 Pro Clima has specialized in developing intelligent materials that ensure weather protection, efficiency, and safety from mold. How can a material stop the air, but allow the vapour to dry? And why is that so important? This presentation covers the risks posed by vapour and condensation and how to mitigate those risks, with an emphasis on working with mass timber and wood fiber board insulation. Environmental sustainability, efficiency, comfort and high performance can work in harmony to produce buildings that last generations.


Wednesday, June 19 @ 6pm
Ryerson University
Room 206 in the Architecture Building
325 Church St
Toronto, ON M5B 2M2

Refreshments will be provided
presentation will be in English - 1.5 hours with 30 mins for questions

About Lueder Herms

Born in Germany, but active worldwide, Lueder Herms is a global export manager for Pro Clima, world leaders in building airtightness and vapour control. Lueder has grown to manage international sales in more than 40 countries in the 13 years since he started with Pro Clima. He is also active in the research and development of new solutions to achieve durable airtightness in mass timber and masonry buildings. Before his time with Pro Clima he spent 5 years as timber framer and studied civil engineering at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences.