Lamilux FE

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Product Specifications


High performance triple pane skylight with a thermal bridge free frame. For use on flat roofs.


742 mm x 742 mm (29 3/16" x 29 3/16") - 51 kg
742 mm x 1042 mm (29 3/16"x 41") - 63 kg


  • Specific flat roof design: integrated drip edge, curb and airtightness
  • “Structural Glazing” allows for a totally flush glass to frame transition that provides the FE with self-cleaning properties and allows uninterrupted water run-off
  • The aluminum frame is fully insulated to mitigate thermal bridges and condensation at the interior
  • Triple pane glass and airtight construction also minimizes sound transmission from the exterior
  • Completely pre-assembled skylight solution mounted on an insulated curb for plug-and-play installation on any roof below 6:12 pitch
  • The FE is available in custom sizes, up to 10' in length with a variety of accessories, including manual and motorized ventilation with options for concealed hardware; reflective interior curbs; integrated LED lights; and interior and exterior shading.
  • Customizable through alternate glazing options and curb heights, and powder coating of skylight frames in color of your choice


  • Can be installed in roof pitches as low as 3°, >5° recommended to keep glass clean. Max roof pitch 25° (5.6:12 pitch)
  • Uglass: 0.6 W/m2K (0.105 BTU/hr.ft2.°F ) per EN 673
  • Upstand of 7 7/8" (200 mm) insulated with 2 3/8" (60 mm) PU foam (0.023 W/mK)
  • SHGC: 0.32 (as high as 0.49 or as low as 0.20 by special order)
  • Visual Transmittance: 0.60 (varies for alternate SHGCs)
  • For stock units: Unit fixed with one white Z-clip on interior of curb