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High Performance Historic Masonry Retrofits

29 Minutes

The goals of historic preservation and energy efficiency and comfort often seem in conflict, as higher insulation levels can pose new risks to these timeless structures. Yet it need not be so. This comprehensive presentation discusses strategies for minimizing the apparent conflict while allowing for the highest possible performance - ensuring that the integrity of the structure won't be compromised and making a more robust structure for the next 100 years: preservation and high-performance working together for a truly sustainable future. The classic brick wall is un-insulated (R-6-ish) 3 wythe thick wall, prone to air infiltration. As many historic buildings fall under some form of aesthetic scrutiny often exterior insulation is prohibited. Therefore, the only option to make these buildings energy efficient is to insulate them on the interior. This presentation takes a close look at how to insulate these walls safely from the interior - considering moisture drive, bulk rainwater issues, and insulation materials - avoiding the dangers of freeze-thaw and mold.

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Foam Free High Performance Building Enclosures

23 Minutes

Foam Free High Performance Building Enclosures presents a clear and practical guide to achieving the highest levels of resilient and sustainable building enclosures while eliminating foam.The growing performance demands of air control, vapor control, thermal control, health and sustainability are examined.Foam insulation,dominant in today's high-performance marketplace, is increasingly recognized as hindering many of these building performance goals. Practitioners are therefore wanting and finding new solutions that virtually eliminate foam and provide greater performance. This presentation is a careful look at how to do it.

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High Performance Gets Real

42 Minutes

Truly high performance or Passive House certified projects have gone from being an idealistic aspiration to a tangible reality in less than a decade. Enough time has passed to have examples, stories, and data to reflect on the first generation of these buildings and learn from their example. This presentation is a series of case studies about the methods, materials, and successes - as well as some of the real-world challenges and compromises. We review the building science behind high performance enclosures, from durable airtightness to robust vapor control, sustainable insulation, efficient daylighting and healthy balanced ventilation. We also look at the unfolding climate emergency and show how enclosure design and material selection can dramatically cut carbon use in buildings.

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The Science Behind Adhesive Bonds and Failures

14 Minutes

This video is a portion of a webinar done in partnership with 475 in November 2019. The speaker is Lueder Herms, global export manager and R&D specialist for Pro Clima. Lueder is a world leader in building airtightness and vapor control. Lueder has grown to manage international sales in more than 40 countries in the 13 years since he started with Pro Clima. He is also active in the research and development of new solutions to achieve durable airtightness in mass timber and masonry buildings. Before his time with Pro Clima he spent 5 years as timber framer and studied civil engineering at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

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