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Product Specifications

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Black airtight tape for airsealing and waterproofing membrane overlaps and sheathing joints. Forms invisible weather resistive barrier behind open joint rainscreens when used with black membrane FRONTA QUATTRO.


60 mm x 30 m (2 3/8" x 98'5")


  • Truly black tape – Pro Clima branding printed on interior of tape
  • Black unprinted face makes it ‘invisible’ under open joint rain-screens when taping Pro Clima FRONTA QUATTRO
  • Pressure activated adhesive bonding makes it instantly weather resistant
  • Solid acrylic adhesive is applied across the entire surface of the tape, with no adhesive-less patches where the connection could be compromised
  • Best IAQ, no VOC off gassing, per AgBB/ISO 16000
  • 10 year comprehensive Pro Clima warranty


  • Bonds to Pro Clima membranes (including FRONTA QUATTRO), solid wood surfaces, polyethylene, metal, foil, house wraps  and sheathing.
  • In combination with TESCON Primer RP, adheres to soft/porous wood insulation panels, concrete, sheetrock, rough OSB and brick.


  • Adhesive: durable waterproof tape adhesion (solid acrylic adhesive)
  • Perm Rating: Perm 8 (Sd value: 0.4m)
  • Release paper: split release paper, for easy application on two side of seams, inside corners, etc.
  • UV/weather Resistance: 6 months of exposure